Visit me at the College of Southern MD, LaPlata Campus

In addition to Live Out Loud Yoga in LaPlata and South Potomac Church (Tuesdays at 7pm FREE CLASS!), I now teach Yoga at CSM (LaPlata campus). Starting the first full week of June, I teach Wednesdays at noon as well as Fridays at 2pm. I am also a sub, so you may randomly find me there as well.

The classes are for the whole community.

CSM has a great deal by purchasing what they call a GroupEx passport, which I believe is $120 for 3 months. With that passport you can take any array of classes which include: Paddle board yoga (Fun!), Zumba (regular and aquatic), Body pump, Cardio, Aquatic exercise, Pilates, Spin Class and more…

See their full schedule here:


Personal Sessions Now Offered

I now offer personal yoga classes for individuals in the privacy of their own home. The cost is just $50 for the hour, staying within a 35 mile radius of the 20602 zip code. These sessions can be as vigorous or relaxing as you choose, or a combination. Whatever you choose, the gain you receive in your mind, body, and spirit is of tremendous benefit. Remember that motion is lotion. It’s always time to make your health happy.

Come visit me at Live Out Loud Yoga

As some of you know I also teach at Live Out Loud Yoga Studio in La Plata, MD, directly across from Casey Jones.  You can see the schedule (as well as when I teach), by going to their website here:

You can also register and sign up on the website, so All you need to do is bring yourself in some comfortable, bendy clothes, as mats and other props are provided for you. 

Thanks and See you Soon 🙂

Online Classes Coming Soon

The Online Classes will be viewed from FaceBook Live but only registered attendees will be able to view.  To become registered first simply fill out the registration information Here, then the link and information will be sent to you. On the day of the class you will simply log on and view the class Live. If you miss the time-frame, you can always view the prerecorded video. However, about 15 minutes Before and After each class I will answer any questions you may have.

Please Sign up to Follow this Blog so you will be notified via email as to when my Live Online Yoga Classes begin.  These online services should be up and running soon.

**I am sorry as PayPal is the only form of payment I am accepting at this time for online classes. You will also need a FaceBook account of some sort to view the video as well. These features should improve in the future.

~Thanks and I wish you Joy, Health, and Love – In Jesus Name~

Group Session Discounts

I currently teach in-house group lessons and have a few mats, straps, and blocks to share. The classes will be themed Christian unless you prefer secular (just let me know). The fee is where each student pays $10, however the house host provider receives the class for FREE!! 3 Student minimum required (not including host) – 4 Student minimum depending on location. Requirements just include a space big enough for all of the participants. Contact me through the Contact Page Here or call and leave a message on my number 302-715-2796, and I will call you back ASAP. The bigger the class the better, but I would ask that as house host, you try to leave distractions outside as to help in providing an optimal setting.

*Signed Waivers are Required Before Class Begins

I also teach at a studio in La Plata, MD. Those classes are secular and if you are interested, you would just go through the studio. The link for them is provided here: