Visit me at the College of Southern MD, LaPlata Campus

In addition to Live Out Loud Yoga in LaPlata and South Potomac Church (Tuesdays at 7pm FREE CLASS!), I now teach Yoga at CSM (LaPlata campus). Starting the first full week of June, I teach Wednesdays at noon, Thursdays at 8am and Fridays at 5pm. I am also a sub, so you may randomly find me there as well.

The classes are for the whole community.

CSM has a great deal by purchasing what they call a GroupEx passport, which I believe is $120 for 3 months. With that passport you can take any array of classes which include: Paddle board yoga (Fun!), Zumba (regular and aquatic), Body pump, Cardio, Aquatic exercise, Pilates, Spin Class and more…

See their full schedule here: