Group Session Discounts

I currently teach in-house group lessons and have a few mats, straps, and blocks to share. The classes will be themed Christian unless you prefer secular (just let me know). The fee is where each student pays $10, however the house host provider receives the class for FREE!! 3 Student minimum required (not including host) – 4 Student minimum depending on location. Requirements just include a space big enough for all of the participants. Contact me through the Contact Page Here or call and leave a message on my number 302-715-2796, and I will call you back ASAP. The bigger the class the better, but I would ask that as house host, you try to leave distractions outside as to help in providing an optimal setting.

*Signed Waivers are Required Before Class Begins

I also teach at a studio in La Plata, MD. Those classes are secular and if you are interested, you would just go through the studio. The link for them is provided here:



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